RT-909 Super Pinch Rollers

Sofh. The Pinch Roller – RT-909 Super Pinch Rollers Pioneer – As a pair only.

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RT-909 Super Pinch Rollers Pioneer

  • High precision Pinch Roller with two co-axial ball bearings.
  • Excellent Wow & Flutter and Drift performances at all tape speeds.
  • The dual co-axial bearing avoids any possible radial deviation.
  • Self-centering Pinch Roller, the oversized tread makes tape centering no longer necessary.
  • Direct fitting to shaft = No more frictions = No more Teflon washers needed.
  • Thanks to the two b. b. protection shields no lubrication is required.
  • Smooth and stable rotary motion, no overheating.
  • Work correctly in every position of the appliance, both horizontal, vertical or inclined.
  • Each Pinch Roller is fully tested before shipping, this is the reason for any trace of magnetic tape.

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