B77 Super Pinch Roller (single SKF) black

Revox B77 Super Pinch Roller.

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Revox B77 Super Pinch Roller black

  • Revox B77 Super Pinch Roller (single SKF) black
  • Professional roller with one original SKF ball bearing.
  • Perfect direct mounting on the shaft thanks our patented calibrated bush (0.002 mm).
  • The calibrated bush also guarantees the perfect orthogonality of the whole Pinch Roller assy.
  • Excellent Wow & Flutter and Drift performances at all tape speeds.
  • No more rotation on shaft = No more frictions.
  • Smooth and stable rotary motion, no overheating.
  • Thanks to the two SKF protection shields no lubrication is required.
  • Works correctly in every position of the appliance, both horizontal, vertical or inclined.
  • Original radial black EPDM tread, Shore A 75 +/- 5 as original specs.
  • Accurate. Precise. Long lasting.
  • All our PRs are tested before shipping, this is the reason for any trace of magnetic tape.
  • Patent 2018 @ SofH Calibrated_PR

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